jackieI have had a long standing love affair with all things French.

Linens were my downfall. For 30 years I bought and sold French textiles. Come rain or shine, early or late, you would find me at the markets trouving for treasures. Many I put aside for that dream Chateau we would buy on retirement. Well retirement came around and I no longer wanted the Chateau. We have a small village house near the Canal du Midi in the south of France, so the treasures I put aside are now looking for a new life.

Every item is unique and preloved, and perhaps a little bit dusty and distressed, but all from La Belle France.

Whether you’re searching for tempting textiles, the vintage village look, country farmhouse style, something grand for your castle, or “traditional French” for your cottage, I can help you find just the look you’re after.

pramThink of me as your personal shopper in France. I have fulfilled many requests from my customers to find particular items they were looking for. I’ve shipped the smallest items, such as jewelry and curtain rings, and I’ve filled shipping containers for some of my larger clients, and you can be assured that every item is packed and shipped with the utmost love and care.

What treasures are you looking for?

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